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Recently I have become a lot more obsessed with skincare products, in the past I thought a face wipe and a bit of soap would do the trick but I was very wrong! I have now discovered that it doesn't matter how much I spend on foundations and concealers if my skin isn't the best it can be underneath then none of them would look how I wanted. With this in mind I then went on a mad skincare shopping spree (over a few months not all in one day can I add!) and I tried both expensive and affordable products to get a good idea of what works best on my skin type. 
My skin type can change a lot, I can be oily around my t-zone however I can also suffer with dry skin all over my face, so i've found a selection of products that in my opinion I can use everyday and my skin can enjoy. I admit I do have a rather large selection of skincare products baring in mind these are only my 'favourites' but I love all these products and I obviously don't use all of these everyday and night but I think that mixing my skincare products can keep my skin from becoming tired of repetitively using the same product.

I've just noticed after taking the photo above that I appear to have some sort of colour scheme going on with my skincare products, this was not intended. Promise!

1) MAke-up Removers

ESTEE LAUDER- Take It Away, Total Make-up Remover £21

Lets start with the basic Step 1- Make-up Remover, I used to be an avid face wipe user and I would rely on them to remove all of my make-up until I noticed just how much was still on my face after I had apparently "cleansed" it. I wont lie I still will reach out for a pack of face wipes after a night out, but I much more prefer my skin after i've removed my make-up properly.
 I sometimes wear Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and when I purchased this the sales assistant recommended that I try there make-up remover as Double Wear is a long wearing foundation and this makes it a lot harder to remove. So I obviously purchased it (i'm a sucker for buying whatever assistants recommend) and I've got to say I was SO happy with the results. You don't need to use a lot, I just add a small amount onto some cotton wool or you can apply it straight onto your face however you prefer. Then I can just wipe away all of my make-up including any stubborn eye make-up. 
This product is made up of a unique water based creme-gel that refreshes your skin whilst leaving a fresh citrus scent and your skin feeling soft and smooth without the greasy residue that can remain after some make-up removers. All in all a very impressive remover that is completely worth the price!

2) Facial Wash

THE BODY SHOP- Seaweed Cleansing Facial Wash £8.00

Next is Step 2- Facial Wash, some people may rely on the remover to completely cleanse there skin, but even after i've removed all of my make-up I then still use a face wash just so that my skin is feeling super refreshed, this face wash does this perfectly. It's a mild cleansing gel that is oil and soap-free, the gel helps to rebalance moisture and excess oil levels in the skin as it cleanses to ensure all impurities are removed. This has a really fresh scent and I love how it leaves my skin looking and feeling clean. I use my Facial Brush with this product (pictured below) this is a round brush which can be used with cleansers, washers or exfoliators. I feel it just enhances the face wash and I can really tell the difference when i've used it.

THE BODY SHOP- Face Brush £4.00


LA ROCHE-POSAY- Physiological Micellar Solution £11.50      
THE BODY SHOP- Seaweed Clarifying Toner £3.00 

I then proceed with Step 3- Toners, I'm not sure whether this is the order that everyone else does this but I think everyones skin is different and this is just what I find suits me. I understand that the LA ROCHE-POSAY- Physiological Micellar Solution isn't specifically a toner and it is designed to be used as a make-up remover but I love using it as the final cleaning step just to be totally sure my skin is make-up free. I apply this using a cotton wool pad all over my face eyes and lips and I think it works so well as the 'Final Step'. I use this on the days when my skin is feeling slightly more sensitive and dry as this product is aimed towards sensitive skin types.
The Body Shop Toner I only purchased because of how much I enjoyed using the facial wash. Now this is the product I use when my skin is feeling more oily because this toner is great for rebalancing combination skin. The alcohol free solution is refreshing and purifying and is great for preparing my skin for moisturiser. I was amazed at how good this product actually was for the price, I highly recommend this and I will definitely be repurchasing! 


ORIGINS- High-Potency Night-A-Mins Cream £33.00 

LA ROCHE-POSAY- Effaclar Duo £13.00 

...Step 4- Moisturise, this is my favourite step, I just love when my skin is all clean and then I can smooth over some moisturiser. I've struggled to find a day and a night moisturiser that I really like to use, until i found these two.
I received a free sample of the 'Origins' night cream and absolutely fell in love with it after just one night. Every Morning I use this I wake up with radiant and refreshed skin . This formula is created using a system of time released moisture-rich replenishers plus various vitamins including C, E and H. It also has a lovely relaxing smell which is amazing. I cannot fault this product at all, it is quite pricey but you only need to use a really small amount and it goes a long way.

Secondly for the daytime I don't like using anything to thick under my make-up as I feel it just makes it slip off. So the LaRoche product is perfect for me as it is a great make-up base which helps keep my make-up stay put whilst also reducing the appearance of imperfections and purifying the pores. Pretty much perfect, yeah? I have seen this product mentioned on a lot on blogs and i'm so glad I decided to try it as I now wouldn't chose any other make-up base. 

 Special treatments

 ALPHA H- Liquid Gold £31.50
DR JART+- Most Moist Water Max Sleeping Max £26.00

 Every other night or so I like to give my skin a little treat by using either one of these products before I go to sleep.
The 'Liquid Gold' I was introduced to by reading Model Recommends Blog and she made it sound so different to anything else i'd ever tried before, I new I had to try this. I attempted to get a sample size from 'Whats in My Handbag' however they had sold out so I just decided to go for it and purchase the big bottle! I can honestly say I am so glad I did. The formula is enriched with silk proteins and licorice extracts. It works by jump starting your skins metabolism and in doing so it tightens your pores giving an all round brighter and clearer complexion. I must admit it is a bit strange when you first apply it, it tingles all over your face but then after a few minutes this stops and you dont even realise it's there. 
I apply it just like toner, with a cotton wool pad all over my face avoiding my eyes and lips. 

The 'Moisturise Mask' I picked up when it was on offer at Boots. The packaging says that it's an overnight beauty treatment designed to strengthen skin barrier functions. After using this every other night for a week I did really notice a difference with my skin and how it looked overall. It makes my skin just look glowing, awake and of course moisturised. I love using this when i've had a really long day at work and I want something to stop my skin from looking dull and tired. To apply I just smooth it all over my face after toning and then wait for about 10 minutes before I go to bed. Then in the morning I wake up with pampered and smooth skin.

So there you have it, My Skincare Routine. No doubt i'll still probably try new things but at the moment I am very satisfied with every product I use.
 Do you have any favourite Skincare Products you can recommend? 
Thank You.

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  2. I love products from the body shop! I have a very sensitive skin so most of the time i use biotherm or just nivea daycream :)

    1. I love body shop it's all a really good price aswell, I've never actually tried biotherm is there anything in particular you can recommend? :)

      Olivia Xx

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