Thursday, 21 February 2013


NEXT, FLORENCE, Luxury Reed Diffuser £14

A slightly different review today on this Diffuser I picked up in Next. I was in the home store looking for a dressing table and couldn't help but notice how lovely the shop smelt and how it didn't smell like the usual scent of popuri, then I spotted all these cute little bottles stood by the till. They come in a range of five different scents but after smelling all of them one by one (about five times) I finally went with the 'Florence' one. The box says there meant to last 10 weeks which I think is amazing. I do always try and light candles but I find that im never there enough to enjoy the smell  however with this all you have to do is turn the reeds around once every other week and your away. They smell so pretty and fresh without being over powering. I also just love the way it looks in my room as I think the bottle reminds me of the little 'Jo Malone' fragrances which just look so classsy! 

Available to purchase here
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