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 Recently there has been something drawing me to Sleek products, I don't know whether it was the amazing prices, the bold colours, or maybe even the packaging? Whatever it was I new that I had to venture into the world of Sleek. I started off by ordering some products from the online shop not knowing that it was available in Superdrug! So during one of my lunch breaks I popped in and went a little bit crazy.

 Eyeshadow Palette

SLEEK- Eye Shadow Palette (Storm 578) £7.99

My first purchase was this i-Divine palette, it's packed with 12 shades of VERY pigmented, high quality eye shadows. This eye catching palette is built up of a combination of neutral shades mixed with blues, greens and warm pinky reds making the looks you can create with this palette pretty much endless. The colours all compliment each other perfectly, So far I have only really used the neutral shades and i've had really good results as they blend together so well. 
In the make-up look below I used the second pale shade as a tear duct highlight and then blended the first bronze shade all across my lid with a touch of the plain brown running through my crease.
 I think this combination is great for everyday as the colours are soft and for an evening it would look lovely using the same colours blended in with some of the darker browns and reds for a more daring look. 

L V S M T H's rating: 8/10


SLEEK- Blush (Pixie Pink) £4.49
SLEEK- Blush by 3 Palette (Lace 367) £10.00

I was also drawn in by the intensely pigmented Blushers. I dont usually opt for pink blush and I have always stuck to coral shades, but I was very intrigued with this bright pink blush by Sleek and I had to give it a go. This colour is so bright and girly and so looks very pretty worn with a pearly highlighter, I only apply a very small amount of this product as Sleek weren't joking when they said the colours were ultra pigmented.
I then noticed the 'Blush by 3' product and loved the range of colours inside, these shades are more like what I usually wear and I have already picked a favourite... 'Guipure' the centre shimmer blush which I love due to the glow that it leaves on the apples of my cheeks again I only use a small amount, however it can be built up to create a more dramatic look. The colours can also be blended together to achieve different shades and intensities. 
The only down side to this product is the colour on the far right as it is just too bright and in my opinion I dont think I will ever really use this colour which is disappointing.

L V S M T H's rating: 6/10 


SLEEK- Pout Polish (Electro Peach 946) £4.49

My final Sleek purchase was this lip product 'Pout Polish', I swatched a few colours whilst I was in the shop and noticed that as you first apply the Polish they come out quite pale and then build up intensity to become extremely bright! I opted for this bright coral shade as I don't have many orange lipsticks and I think another reason I purchased this was in hope for the summer to hurry up. These pots are filled with lip conditioning product that nourishes your lips whilst giving a pop of colour and subtle gloss. All in all this is a lovely lip product.

L V S M T H's rating: 8/10

Have you tried any of the Sleek Products? Can you recommend anything?

All available to purchase online here

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  1. I've always been such a lover of eye shadow palettes, even if I won't use all the colors I want them all!

    1. Me too I love palettes the sleek ones are really good aswell and affordable so you don't have to worry about buying too many :) x


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