Tuesday, 5 February 2013


So on Saturday I decided to have a little look around in Lush (even though I know that I can never leave without buying something). I went in with the intentions of just replacing my favourite body lotion but I obviously ended up coming out with a few more things. The assistant also handed me one of the 'Lush Times' and I have already noticed even more things I want to try!

Vanilla Dee-Lite, Body Lotion £11.95

Firstly I picked up a bottle of the 'Vanilla Dee-Lite' as I absolutely loved this the first time I tried it. It's a lovely light lotion that's perfect for when my skin needs a little moisture boost. It's great to wear during the day as its not too greasy so I can get dressed soon after applying. The lotion is built up of butters, oils and kiwi which all help to nourish and treat the skin. 
The main reason why I have re-purchased this product though is because of the smell, the vanillary fragrance lasts all day and a few people have actually asked what im wearing when i've used this. So if your after a light body lotion, that will soften and leave your skin fragranced all day I highly recommend this. 

Jasmine and Henna, Fluff-Eaze  £11.95

The next product I picked up was this 'Pre-Wash Hair Treatment' which is designed for controlling fluffy and untamed hair. I don't usually have hair like this at all but last week I decided to have some lighter highlights put through my dark brown hair, at first I loved the way this looked but after a few days I noticed the condition of my hair had become quite bad and in my opinion I thought the back of my hair just looked frizzy. 
This mask is built up of a collection of oils all designed to improve the strength of your hair and then the Henna is used for added shine. So I decided to give it a go!
You apply it before you shampoo and condition your hair so basically straight onto dry hair which I found very strange as I've never used a product like this before. You need to pile a generous amount of this product onto your hair and then leave it to soak for about 30 minutes. I used it whilst in the bath as Lush recommend that the steam from the bah helps to open up the hair cuticles and allow the product to sink in. After that I just washed it off with shampoo and then conditioned as normal. The next day I really did notice that my hair appeared a lot less frizzy and was easier to style. I would recommend this product to anyone with either frizzy, damaged or curly hair.

Bubblegum, Lip Scrub  £5.25

I've been using this Lip Product for ages now and even though I still haven't ran out of it (they last literally forever) I have somehow managed to loose it, I have no idea how I have or where it is. So I just decided I may as well buy a new one because I love it too much to not have it in my life.
This product is designed to clear dead skin from the lips and to leave them all soft and smooth. It also provides a really good lipstick base because when using bright lip colours they always look better on smooth and prepared lips. 
To use this I just rub it all over my lips and then you can either lick it off or wash it off. The choice is yours. It's quick and easy to do and has really noticeable effects.

Tea Tree- Toner Tab £1.00

The last item I brought was just on a whim really, I've seen these little tabs in Lush before but never really noticed what they were for. But as there only a pound I thought I may as well add one to my purchases and see what its like. 
It's designed to give your skin a much needed lift in times of trouble. The tab delivers tea tree and other essential oils to your face in the correct concentration. 
All you need to do is boil a kettle and then pour hot water into a bowl after that drop this Tab into the water and watch it fizz. The steam will then begin to lift along with all the oils to steam your face. After the water has cooled and the steam has stopped you can then use the water on a cotton wool pad to wipe over your face to wash away any traces of dirt.
I was really impressed with how this worked even though I couldn't quite last with my face over the bowl all the time the tab was steaming because it does get a bit much. However my skin did feel clean and refreshed afterwards so I shall definitely be re-purchasing one of the Lush Tabs. Maybe i'll try 'Dream Steam' next.

Can you recommend any Lush products for me to try?

All available to purchase online here

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  1. Great haul - I love Lush but they are getting even more expensive!


    1. Thank you! And yes I've noticed that too some of there moisturisers are really expensive, I really need to get some of the face masks again :)

      Olivia x


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